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Dear Friends and Frequent Readers,

Milena Govich

I’m helping my friend (and practically sister-in-law) Milena Govich with her new Indiegogo campaign. As an actress, she’s worked a lot on TV (you may have seen her on Law & Order starring opposite Jesse L. Green for one season, among many other places), but now she has started directing. Her first short film was accepted into a number of festivals and also got her into the prestigious Directing Workshop For Women at the American Film Institute (AFI). They receive hundreds of submissions each year and only accept 8 women, so it’s very competitive and a really big deal. Each filmmaker is required to raise the budget for the short film they’ll complete within the program, under the mentorship of director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, Spy, Freaks and Geeks, Ghostbusters).

The Indiegogo campaign is launching today, Tuesday March 14th at 10am PT. I really want to help Milena get momentum going right out of the gate, so I’m reaching out to those who ready my blog to ask you to do two things today: (It’ll only take 5 minutes)

1. Click on the Indiegogo link and check out Milena’s campaign, then make a donation. Truly, no amount is too small (or too big). 🙂

2. Share the campaign link on your social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and encourage your friends to check it out and support.

That’s it. There are lots of great donation “perks” on the campaign page, and supporters will be the first to see her film when it’s completed. The script (written by Milena’s husband, my brother-from-another-mother David Cornue) also helped get her into the program, and the concept is really cool.

Here’s the link!


Thanks for helping out if you can!



Galactic Games

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I made my first professional rate short story sale last year, and the anthology it appears in is now out in print and ebook forms. The anthology is GALACTIC GAMES, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt and published by Baen. The theme is “science fiction sports stories,” including both currently real sports adapted to SF settings as well as completely new sports invented by the authors. The author line-up includes luminaries like George RR Martin, Seanan McGuire, Robert Silverberg, Todd McCafferey, Mercedes Lackey, Beth Cato … and little ol’ me.


My story, “Stress Cracks,” is about a young star athlete, the “face of his sport,” whose family history threatens to overshadow his athletic accomplishments. The sport he’s the face of? Downhill Figure Skating. (Picture standard figure-skating combined with freestyle skiing, on icy (instead of snowy) mountains.)

You can buy the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or in an actual bookstore –either one of the chains or support your local independent store by asking them to order it!


Shipping This Week

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One Thousand Words For War CoverAccording to Amazon, ONE THOUSAND WORDS FOR WAR ships this week. This wonderful anthology includes my short story “Threshold.” In fact, my story is mentioned in the back cover copy / product description:

Imaginative and original, One Thousand Words for War explores in various fantastic settings the different types of conflict—from powerful internal and external conflicts with the potential to destroy the main character’s world to the peace that comes from accepting change. Whether it’s a transgendered girl standing up to bullies or a child soldier trying to save his fellows from war, this collection shows the powerful ways teens can overcome and embrace extraordinary circumstances.

You can buy it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or get your local independent bookstore to order it for you!





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My very-short story (it might even be flash fiction) “Yeti” is out today in the anthology ROBBED OF SLEEP, VOLUME 4.  It was a fun, moody bit of Gothic-Pulp to write. Check it out at the link.  Here’s the cover:



Latest New Song

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While I’m plugging away on revamping this site and plugging away on writing more short stories, I finally managed to upload the third of the songs I’ve co-written and recorded to my Bandcamp page.

It’s called “Someday,” and it’s based a bit on the school experiences of at least two kids who are important to me (but who shall remain nameless for reasons). It’s about overcoming bullying and ostracizing and adversity, and being who you are, and all the fears that go along with that.

I wrote the words. Barry Mangione wrote the music and played guitars. Darrell long added some percussion and a bit of keys while he was producing the song.

It’s actually the first of the songs I co-wrote and recorded, although it’s the third to come to internet availability.

All proceeds will be donated to Reverse The Trend, a non-profit I’ve mentioned before. RTT brings anti-bullying and self-esteem programming to middle schools around the US.

I hope you’ll give the song a listen, and perhaps a purchase, at the link embedded in the song title above.


I hope everyone is well and enjoying the December holidays as they roll across our calendar. Hard to believe 2015 is almost over. Hannukah has passed; Christmas and Solstice are almost here, and then it’s New Years. Kinda crazy.

I’ve had lots of work stuff going on, and have also been doing much writing and quite a bit of reading. I’m intending to do some year-end wrap-up posts here as a way of relaunching the site. I’ve been intending all year to revise the look of the site and start posting content again, but real life has been getting in the way.

This past Weds, one of my previously-published short stories, “Chasing Satellites” (from Bryan Thomas Schmidt’s Beyond The Sun anthology), was released in audio form on the StarShipSofa podcast. Narrator Rikki LaCoste did a fantastic job with the character voices, pacing and tension of the story; the producers did a fantastic job adding sound effects to enhance the story. I really love what they did, and I’m submitting another “reprint” to them soon. Check it out, on their website (direct link to the page for my story above) or find them on iTunes. Either way, it’s free. (Note: my story starts at about the 20 minute mark of the podcast. It’s preceded by a fascinating interview with Zoltan Istvan, and followed by a neat discussion of historical precedents for the Jedi Order.)


TMToAC-FrontTomorrow night (Weds, July 30th), I’ll be the featured guest on the Science Fiction Writer’s Chat (#sffwrtcht) on Twitter, to talk about the motivation behind THE MANY TORTURES OF ANTHONY CARDNO, approaching the authors about donating the stories, editing my heroes (Jay Lake), and walking that fine line between “vanity project” and “charity project.”

The chat starts at 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central / 6pm Eastern. If you have a Twitter account, log in, search for hashtag #sffwrtcht, and follow along.  If you don’t have a Twitter account … well, isn’t this a great reason to create one (however temporarily) and ask me some questions?

In fact, here’s the link to the #sffwrtcht Twitter feed, to make it even easier for you.


And if you don’t already have a print or Kindle copy of the book, here’s the pesky link again to buy it!


Linda Poitevin

Linda Poitevin

It’s always a pleasure to welcome Linda Poitevin back to the site to talk about her latest. This time out, we’re discussing SINS OF THE LOST, the third book in her four-part series The Grigori Legacy. Linda is also the author of the contemporary romance GWYNNETH EVER AFTER. You can read all of my previous interviews with Linda, and get a sense of how The Grigori Legacy series has developed, by clicking HERE.

ANTHONY: SINS OF THE LOST, book three of The Grigori Legacy, comes out this month. Now that you’re several books into the series, what roadblocks or character moments did you hit while writing the new book that caught you by surprise in comparison to the earlier books?

LINDA:  I was actually surprised at how difficult the entire book was to write, to be honest…probably because I had to do so many awful things to my characters. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover from the trauma, lol!

ANTHONY: There’s been a bit of a gap from the publication of book two, SINS OF THE SON, to book three. You published GWYNNETH EVER AFTER, a stand-alone romance, in between.  What caused the long break from TGL?

LINDA: There were a number of reasons for the gap: (1) it took a while to settle on a contract with my publisher; (2) when I’m not under a fixed deadline, I tend to drag my heels on writing; (3) this really was a tough story to write; and (4) I met with a dog-walking accident (hint: one should not have the leash of a 127-pound dog wrapped around an index finger) that put me out of commission for almost a month with a bad sprain.

ANTHONY: OUCH! How much time has passed for the characters, and where do we find them at the start of the new book? (And can you answer this question without major spoilers, haha?)

LINDA: Very little time passes between the books; Sins of the Lost picks up a scant two weeks after Sins of the Son left off. Alex and Seth are back in Toronto, struggling to make a go of their fledgling relationship in the aftermath of the events in Vancouver, and Alex is just returning to her job.

ANTHONY: Assuming we will be spending plenty of time with Alex, Aramael, Seth, Lucifer and the rest … are there any new characters we should be excited for / wary of?

LINDA: One very important new character is hinted at in Sins of the Lost, but you won’t actually get to meet her until the fourth and final book. Apart from that, there’s a return of an old enemy and more of the Archangel Michael…who really is one of my favorites. 😉

The Grigori Legacy, Book Three

The Grigori Legacy, Book Three

ANTHONY: Color me intrigued! SINS OF THE LOST is only out in e-book format, right? Why the change from the print versions we got for books one and two?

LINDA: Sins of the Lost is what my publisher is calling “digital first” — which essentially means that there’s a possibility of print, but no guarantee (it will depend on sales figures). The change occurred because sales on book 2 slumped a little, as second books often do, apparently. But, while that slump generally spells death for a series, my publisher (and my amazing editor) really likes the series and wanted to give it another chance. Talk about a vote of confidence! 🙂

ANTHONY: That is a great vote of confidence. Please thank the publisher for giving it another go. So many fun urban fantasy series do seem to fail with book two. Now, the cover art is also a bit different. It seems that Alexandra Jarvis is not on the cover for the first time. Does this bode unwell for our heroine?

LINDA: LOL…Alex is safe, Anthony, I promise. Horribly tortured, perhaps, but safe. 😉 The change in art was made because of the switch to digital-first. Too much detail doesn’t show up well on the widgets you see online, so we needed to simplify the design a bit. We also wanted to place more emphasis on the angel aspect of the story.

ANTHONY: Which makes sense, given the events of the book.  And not that I’m rushing you, but what will book four be called and when will it be done? No, like, seriously. When? 😉

LINDA: This book is going much faster than the last one, lol. It’s tentatively entitled Sins of the Warrior (expect a lot more Michael in this one), and I plan to have the first draft done by the end of March. No word yet on publication, however…sorry! 😉

ANTHONY: Well, you know, if you need a beta-reader for it, you have my email address. 😉  Instead of my usual “what’s your favorite book” question, which I think you’ve answered several times, tell us what your resource on Angels and their mythology has been most helpful/influential on you in creating the Grigori series.

LINDA: Google was my best friend when it came to research for this series. Because I knew I would be twisting angel mythology to fit with my own nefarious purposes, I didn’t need accuracy as much as I did inspiration—and the Internet is rife with sources for that. I read extensively on Bible study, Catholic, and new age sites, taking bits and pieces from all over in order to construct my own world for the series. The diversity in the takes on angel lore was utterly fascinating and made for great fodder…and I barely even scratched the surface of what’s out there.


Cancer can kiss my…

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This week got away from me. I’d planned on Wednesday to post the first of a series of email interviews I’ve been conducting with writers, musicians and artists (this one with Evelyn Lafont, author of THE VAMPIRE RELATIONSHIP GUIDE, Vol. 1) but migraines and work stress got the best of me throughout the week.  I’d considered posting the interview tonight, but something else has happened that I want to write about.

I had a great night out with friends, but came home to the news that yet another of my oldest friends has succumbed to cancer. Had a feeling the news was coming because her husband posted something on her Facebook yesterday (her birthday) about he and her mother sitting with her as she peacefully “approaches the next passage in her life.”  That could have been read any number of ways, but it was feeling all too much like what turned out to be the end for our friend Karen just a few years ago.  What hurts is that Karen and Kris were bestest friends in high school, and to have them both leave us essentially the same way so few years apart stings.

So yeah. I’m feeling better than I was two hours ago when I got the news, but …. fuck cancer. Just fuck it.  I’m sick of it hurting my loved ones, of taking them from us too early. Karen and Kris were two of the most beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We fell out of touch, then fell back into it thanks to Livejournal (in Karen’s case) and Facebook (in Kris’). I managed to have good reunion time with Karen before she left us, but never got that chance to see Kris face to face. Another regret.  I’m angry, and I’m crying. And then I’m laughing at the memories. And then back to angry again. I suspect sleep tonight will be rough (considering it’s already 2:30 am).

And of course I don’t hate cancer just because of its effect on my family and immediate friends. I hate it for what it’s doing to [info]jaylake , who is a hero of mine for his cancer battle and his fantastic writing, and for how it took the beautiful Lis Sladen (of Doctor Who) from her family and her fans so early. And for how pervasive it has become across all social strata, taking so many every day regardless of whether are famous or not, rich or poor.

So.  Another name to add to my List of Those I Walk For come my June Relay For Life in Mahopac. Another person to think of as I’m taking my laps, and to remember fondly our good times at the very school where the Relay takes place. I will walk at least one lap carrying Kris on one side of me and Karen on the other. They supported me and put up with me when I was at my least-perfect, and their memory will carry me around the track in June.

And in honor of Karen and Kris, and Jay, and Lis, and everyone else I walk for, I going to make my first official plea this year for donations to my American Cancer Society Relay For Life event, June 5-6 at Mahopac High School in Mahopac NY.  I will be at the event, and I will be selling copies of my book THE FIRFLAKE to raise money. If you’re in the area, please come by and say Hi.

If you’re not in the area, you can make a donation to my effort (and thus, to my team and to the ACS) by clicking on this link: www.tinyurl.com/My2011Relay or by copy-pasting into your web-browser address bar if the link is not clickable when you look.  Any donation is helpful.  If you donate, please leave me a comment to let me know who you’d like me to walk in honor or memory of. That part is as important to me as the money is.

And if any of the writers or musicians I know want to donate copies of their books or cds to be sold at the event to raise money, please contact me!



New Page and Links

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I have finally taken the time to add some of my short fiction to the site. Right now it’s just one short story. “Invisible Me” was first published by Willard & Maple magazine back in 2005.  I’ve edited it only slightly for presentation here — fixed some typographical errors and spacing oddities — but otherwise what you see is what readers of the magazine saw.

I’ve also added some links to the page: singer and friend Anthony Gargiula; author/editors Bryan Thomas Schmidt and Win Scott Eckert; storyteller and mentor Brian Fox Ellis; and webcomic Cura Te Ipsum. Please click on their links, check out their work, and tell them Anthony sent you!

I have also lined up several interviews with some of the above-named; those interviews should start showing up a week from today and will continue on a weekly basis for as long as people are silly enough to let me interview them! First up will be an interview with Evelyn Lafont, author of The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume One.

Thanks for checking in, everyone!