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I’ll strive to keep this list of my publication history up-to-date.



THE FIRFLAKE: A CHRISTMAS STORY is an all-ages, illustrated short novel about the Ruprecht family and the stories they tell waiting for the First Snowflake of winter to arrive. They tell the legend of where the First Snowflake comes from, and also the story of how Papa Knecht came to help a man named Nicholas on his Christmas Eve mission. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

THE MANY TORTURES OF ANTHONY CARDNO is a short story anthology in which every story features a main character named Anthony Cardno or some slight variation thereof. Authors who donated their stories include Mary Robinette Kowal, Christie Yant, Damien Angelica Walters, Joseph Pittman, Christopher Paul Carey, Kaaron Warren, Steve Berman, and Sabrina Vourvoulias. Also included is “Cold Statues,” one of the last original stories Jay Lake wrote before his untimely passing. All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Currently available in print and ebook at Amazon.



“Chasing May,” science fiction, in KEPLER’S COWBOYS, edited by David Lee Summers and Steve B. Howell, from Hadrosaur Productions.  Several years after the events of “Chasing Satellites,” Milne leads a survey team to explore the plains south of the colony on Orpheus. Will his PTSD interfere with the mission when they find something unexpected? Coming March 1. Preorder on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Hadrosaur Productions website.

“Threshold,” urban fantasy, in ONE THOUSAND WORDS FOR WAR, edited by Hope Erica Shultz and Madeline Smoot, from CBAY Books. Callie just wants to hang out with the boys and not be picked on, but some things are more important than being off the bully’s radar. Order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

“Stress Cracks,” science fiction, in GALACTIC GAMES, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, from Baen.   Cyndric Driscoll is the Tarasquen front-runner for gold in the sport of downhill figure skating, but his family’s fame threatens to overshadow his accomplishments as an athlete. Order on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. **NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN MASS MARKET PAPERBACK**

“Yeti,” gothic/pulp/horror, in ROBBED OF SLEEP, VOLUME 4, edited by Troy Blackford. An expedition in the Himalayas falls into bad luck and the clutches of an unseen predator. Available in book form on Amazon.

“So Much Loss,” horror/pulp adventure, in TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN VOLUME 10: ESPRIT DE CORPS, edited by JM Lofficier, from Black Coat Press. Ten years after the events of Dracula, Jack Seward & Arthur Holmwood encounter a grim reminder of the loved ones they lost, and only the sorcerer Sar Dubnotal can help them survive the encounter. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from publisher Black Coat Press.

“Trailblazer,” superhero fiction, in OOMPH: A Little Super Goes A Long Way, edited by Kay Holt and Bart Lieb, from  Crossed Genres. A teen-aged super-hero struggles with acceptance among the more powerful heroes he helps. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from publisher Crossed Genres.

“Chasing Satellites,” science fiction,  in BEYOND THE SUN, an anthology of space colony stories edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, from Fairwood Press. Stranded colonists face the possibility of a complete loss of communications with Earth. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble. Also now available in audio form (narrated by the amazing Rikki LaCoste) on the StarShipSofa podcast (both on their site and on iTunes).

“A Battle for Parantwer,” science fiction, published in FULL THROTTLE SPACE TALES #6: SPACE BATTLES, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, from Flying Pen Press. A military ship gives chase to fleeing pirates, and one of the crew has a personal stake in the outcome. (The first published story set in my Denthen’s Gladiators universe.) Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

“Invisible Me,” literary fiction, originally published in issue ten of WILLARD & MAPLE: The literary magazine of Champlain College. A young man   takes advantage of his life-long anonymity. You can read this one for free right here on my site by clicking the tab that says “Invisible Me.”

“Canopus,” horror, originally published on my livejournal. Two teenage boys decide to explore the caves on Canopus Island. Also available to read for free right here on my site by clicking the tab that says “Canopus.”  A revised, expanded version of this story is available in THE MANY TORTURES OF ANTHONY CARDNO, available on Amazon.

“Navarre,” literary fiction, published in Chelsea Station magazine. What happens when you realize you absolutely hate your significant other’s favorite pet?



“Sneakers in the Sand,” one-act play originally published in SYBIL, the Elmira College literary magazine, and produced by the Elmira College Department of Theater in 1993. A diverse group of people, including a married couple, two young children, and a grandfather, react to a strange discovery on their community beach.



I used to write book reviews for the Strange Horizons website. In the past, I’ve penned book reviews for Icarus magazine from Lethe Press, and Chelsea Station magazine as well.

“Okay, Axis, Here We Come! A History of The Invaders,” published in AMAZING HEROES #97, June 1986. A history of Marvel Comics’ World War Two super-team (Captain America & Bucky, The Human Torch & Toro, The Sub-Mariner, Spitfire, and Union Jack).

“Keeping A Creative Trip Journal,” published in the March/April 1998 issue of CAMPING magazine. Ideas on how to make journaling a key part of summer adventure camp programming.

“Inspiration From Nature,” published in the May/June 1998 issue of CAMPING magazine. Ideas and activities for summer camp creative writing programs.

“Creating Community across Camp Programs,” published in the November/December 1998 issue of CAMPING magazine. Building community at camp is easier when you start by building community among your staff.



Someday” (co-written and recorded with Barry Mangione of “The Dalliance” and “Blue Alien Mystic”)

Gravity Don’t Care” (co-written and recorded with John Russo of “Reverse Order”)

Done” (co-written and recorded with John Russo of “Reverse Order”)

Isn’t It Special” (co-written, recorded with, and featuring vocals by Michael Walker of “Paradise Fears”)

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