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Brendon Eggertsen
photo by Justin Baker

Through my interviews with Sam Lant, Brandon Tyler Russell and Austin MacDonald and my friendships with their parents, I’ve become connected to a small group of young actors who have interesting projects (film, radio, television and charity work) to share. My latest interview from this “Burbank gang” is with Brandon Eggertsen: actor, radio engineer, aspiring stuntman and … monkeyman?


ANTHONY: Hi Brendon! So, let’s start out with the most obvious question: when did you start acting?

BRENDON: Age 10, while in Michigan. When I was 11, I competed in IMTA (International Model Talent Association) and got my manager from there. Julie Abrams from Dreamscope Entertainment. We moved out to California so I could pursue my love of acting, my siblings and dad are still in Michigan.

ANTHONY: What was your first role?

BRENDON: Take Me Away—played in a flashback of one of the main characters, I get beat up by my father.

ANTHONY: Who are some of your favorite actors / biggest influences?

BRENDON: Adam Sandler (he is so funny), Jim Carrey (he’s amazing) Brad Pitt (he’s a great actor) Tom Cruise (love how he does his own stunts), Will Ferrell (love his acting), Charlie Sheen (he is just cool)

ANTHONY: I have a lot of friends who are horror movie fans. You were in Paranormal Activity 4. Tell us a bit about that experience.

BRENDON: Loved going to set every day. It was a lot of fun and not scary at all.

ANTHONY: Are you a big fan of horror (movies or books)?

BRENDON: I am not scared very easily, actually it’s pretty impossible. No one has been able to spook me.

ANTHONY: Okay, so you’re not easily scared, but what are some of your favorites?

BRENDON: I do enjoy the old school Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm street movies.

Photo by Robin Eggertsen

ANTHONY: You also had a role in Adam Sandler’s “Just Go With It.” Tell us about that character and what filming was like.

BRENDON: I loved it!!! I played Arial, Keven Nealon and Heidi Montag’s son who falls and scrapes his knee. Adam gives me an injection in my knee and he slaps me across the face. It was great to improv with him.

ANTHONY: IMDb reports that you’re also in the cast of an upcoming film called “Pass The Light.” What’s that about, and what’s your role in it?

BRENDON: I play Francis, the school nerd. It is a Christian based film with a great message about making others happy and not judging because someone is homosexual, but loving people for who they are and giving everyone a chance.

ANTHONY: It’s nice to hear about a Christian-based movie that’s not automatically anti-gay. I know you recently took over as the sound engineer for the internet radio show “Beyond The Spotlight.” Did you have an interest in sound-engineering before you took the job, or is this something you’re learning as you go along?

BRENDON: Learning as I go along, but I really like it. I love music!! I am also a drummer.

ANTHONY: What personal touches are you bringing to BTS (music style, harrassing the hosts, etc)?

BRENDON: I love Music, I have a great connection with the hosts, Sam Lant is my best friend, some say we have a bromance. I will also have some funny side comments as I go along.

ANTHONY: Any projects coming up that you’d like to tell us about?

BRENDON: I do not have any current projects coming up but I also am a stunt kid and I am perfecting my fighting, falls, rappelling, trampoline, flipping, parkour, and freelining.

I am also a big supporter of the Gibbon Conservatory Center. I love Monkeys and apes and this is a way for me to hang with them. One of my nicknames is monkeyman.

ANTHONY: Tell us more about your work at the Gibbon Conservatory Center.

BRENDON: I have always liked monkeys and so when I got the opportunity to work at the Gibbon Conservatory Center in Santa Clarita I jumped at the chance. Gibbons are actually apes not monkeys and they are also the musicians of the ape families. Their calls are amazing and that is how they mark their territories. My mom and I volunteer. I work on their clean-up crew and docent (welcoming visitors, and answering questions). When I volunteer at least 20 hours, I might have the opportunity to feed them, which I hope to do. The center has 40 Gibbons and 5 of the 17 different species are represented there.

ANTHONY: And my usual closing question: What’s your favorite book, and what would you say to someone who hasn’t read it to convince them that they should?

BRENDON: I hate books and reading. I am one that likes to always move, so sitting down and reading is something I have never been fond of.


You can follow Brendon on Twitter as @brenegg, find him on Facebook, IMDb, on Instagram as btotheegg and his own website.  And of course you can hear him working the sound board for BEYOND THE SPOTLIGHT every Saturday at 10am Pacific time, with hosts Sam Lant and Mandalynn Carlson.



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