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Me with my favorite Christmas book

Here’s this year’s holiday poem. Some years what I write is serious, some years not so. This year, I thought I’d write about how hard it is to write a Christmas Song, considering my general lack of music theory knowledge and lack of rhythm (as anyone who has seen me attempt to dance at a Hollywood Ending, Burnham or The Dalliance show recently can attest to). Many of you reading this will also be getting a hard copy in the mail, as usual. They’re just gonna be a little late…


Trying to write a Christmas song, why is this so tough?

I have no musical talent and my rhyming’s kinda rough.

But it shouldn’t be so hard to string these words together,

Say something about Santa and stars or maybe sing about the weather.

(Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow)


I could work serious this year, sing about some modern woe

Songs by Bing and Bowie and the Alarm cover the sadness pretty well though.

I could sing about missing Christmas with the someone that I love

But I’m pretty sure another sad song would make you all give me a shove.

(I’ll Be Home for Christmas…)


Maybe I should sing of sleighs? Of reindeer or snowmen or drummer boys?

Maybe I should scrap this thing and go buy my nieces and nephews their toys.

I could sing of New Year’s Eve instead, of hopes for where 2013 will go,

Or of how it’s just another night. Oh wait, that’s been done by Barry Manilow.

(It’s just another New Year’s Eve…)


Where’s the romance of holidays, the falling in love on a sleigh?

Maybe that’s what I should sing about: being merry and gay!

That’s it! I’ll sit up all night long, wait for a cute Santa to come by

Or maybe an Elf (of Legolas’s kind), I’m a geeky kinda guy!

(I’mma be under the Mistletoe with you…)



May you have a rock-and-roll Christmas, or one that’s White or Green or Blue.

May you have Nights Holy and Silent, be it Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice or Yule.


To all of you: old friends and new, near and far, IRL or on the net: I am grateful for you friendship, for your support, and for your love. I wish everyone the happiest, healthiest, safest holiday season and a successful 2013. Let’s see where it takes us.

And just for the heck of it: here are my friends Almost Hero performing a Christmas medley:



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