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Through This Together

Every year, my friends in The Dalliance (Gerg Gilroy, Barry Mangione and Darrell Long) use their vaunted musical prowess to create a song and then donate all proceeds to a worthy charity. Last year, the beneficiary was the Association For Suicide Prevention.

Every Tuesday night at 9pm EST, Barry hosts a web-show called BARRY ON THE SPOT. The concept is that Barry and the participating audience have a half-hour to co-write a song about that week’s topic, and then Barry records the song and posts it to bandcamp. It’s a fun half-hour. Sometimes the songs are serious, sometimes they’re irreverent, sometimes they’re downright inappropriate for younger audiences. But it’s always a fun gathering.

This year, Barry and The Dalliance decided to use the BOTS format to write their annual charity song. Because The Dalliance members and a good portion of the participating audience live in the NY-NJ-CT area, it was decided that all proceeds from the sale of the song will go directly to help rebuilding efforts in Breezy Point, NY, one of the areas hit the hardest by Sandy.

The song, to which I contributed the chorus lyrics, is THROUGH THIS TOGETHER. You can buy it on bandcamp and download it immediately. And you can donate whatever you like — $1, $10, $20 …. it’s all up to you.

I’m hoping the people who have supported this web-page over the past year of interviews will pitch in. Even $1 from every person I’ve interviewed and every person whose read an interview here, will go a long way towards helping those still struggling with the aftermath of Sandy.

Thank you in advance for anything you feel you can contribute!


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