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A few weeks back, I presented my “dream cast” for a movie version of my mystery-thriller AMBERGRIN HALL. A few folks have asked who I would cast for my published Christmas novella THE FIRFLAKE.

The Firflake

First of all, as most people know: if THE FIRFLAKE is done in any other format, it HAS to be the classic Rankin-Bass claymation style. That’s exactly how I’ve always pictured it. So keep that in mind as you’re viewing this, and keep in mind that someone would have to write the music for it. *cough*musiciansIknow*cough*

That said, as I was discussing Voice Casting with my friend Margaret, she commented that it would be fun to fill the cast with actors I know in real life or have some social media connection to. Seemed like a hard task at first, but then voices clicked in my head, and here we have it. I enjoyed this enough that I’m going to do a movie cast for my other Christmas story, CHRISTMAS GHOSTS, in a few days.

THE FIRFLAKE is the story of a family awaiting the arrival of the first snowflake of Christmas. While they’re waiting, they tell stories, including Papa Knecht’s story of how he met a man named Nicholas and helped him deliver gifts at Christmastime.

David Lapkin

Ruth Buzzi

DAVID LAPKIN as Papa Knecht. As well as being one of my closest friends, Dave has done off-Broadway theater and a lot of animation voice work on series like KIRBY, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES and POKEMON, among others.

RUTH BUZZI as Mama Alvarie. I love talking to Ruth on Twitter. It’s always flattering when someone of her stature responds. How awesome would it be to convince her to come out of retirement long enough to voice Mama? I’d swoon.

I also think that Dave and Ruth would play wonderfully off of each other.

John Glover

Milena Govich

JOHN GLOVER as Nicholas. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to John Glover twice (after performances of LOVE! VALOUR! COMPASSION! and WAITING FOR GODOT) and the warmth and friendliness he exudes is perfect for my vision of Saint Nicholas.

MILENA GOVICH as Katrina. Nicholas’ wife is a loving woman with a no-nonsense edge. My good friend Milena, who has played strong women on RESCUE ME, LAW & ORDER, and other shows, would be great.

Again, I think the dynamic between these two would be wonderful.

Sarah Desjardins

Matt Johnson

SARAH DESJARDINS as Engleberta. I want real teens for the voices of the younger Ruprecht family members. Sarah’s work on The Hub’s CLUE mini-series impressed me, and like Ruth, I enjoy chatting with Sarah on Twitter. I think she’d bring the right level of sweet-but-serious to the girl tasked with watching for The Firflake to arrive.

MATT JOHNSON as Nanhe. Nanhe narrates the story of the Firflake, and I envision it as a song for the cartoon version. My young friend Matt’s got a great folksy voice. Even if he’s a bit younger than Nanhe should be, I think he’d pull off the wonder of the story.

Andre, Forrest and Alex Burnham

ALEX, ANDRE and FORREST BURNHAM as Kurt, Georg and Wilhelm. Who better to voice three rough-housing brothers than three real life brothers? The Burnham boys have some of the goofiest videos on Youtube, and Forrest has recently guest-starred on Big Time Rush.

Todd Mann

Brad Mann

BRAD and TODD MANN as The Town Bullies. Okay, the town bullies who almost kill Papa are actually kids. What can I say? I enjoy chatting with the Mann brothers On Twitter and love their bad-guy turns on Smallville and CLUE so much, I couldn’t resist.

Anthony Gargiula

Lily Burnham

ANTHONY GARGIULA as Loek. The youngest Ruprecht child doesn’t have much to say, but plays an important role at the story’s end. Anthony is the son of friends and was actually my first interview on this site.

LILY BURNHAM as Maria. Again, a small role, but Lily has said on Twitter how much she loved the book, and if I’m casting her brothers how could I not include her?

So there you have it — my proposed voice cast for THE FIRFLAKE, if we ever managed to turn it into an animated television special (or even a radio play).

So, now that you’ve seen MY dream cast … those of you who have read the book feel free to chime in. Who would YOU cast?


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  1. Brad Mann Said,


    I was just doing random searches and came across this article about your dream cast for your book (if it was made into a movie)… I must say I am flattered that you would think of my bro and I for any part included in your works, and if it ever does happen both Todd and myself would be honored :).

    Best wishes,


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